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This is it!

March 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Yet another Blog enters the internet with it’s first introductory post.

This is where I publish my plans for this Blog.  Is it going to be were I write about happenings in Entertainment or Technology or just where I chronicle stuff that happens to me throughout the day?

Truth of the matter is I just don’t know yet so we’ll have to see how things progress.  As I work in Technology you can be assured there will be posts pertaining to it but as I’m interested in Entertainment and in Skeptic Circles I’m sure there will be posts relating to them as well.  There may even be a Rant or two in the future so look forward to that.

So lets see where this goes and take it day to day for now.  As this is a big Internet I’m sure I’ll be the only one reading this anyways but if you happen to come upon us talking to ourselves don’t worry we don’t bite and we likeses the chocolate we do.

Take Care.